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Through an investigation that includes surveillance and the use of visible and hidden sources of information, the most sophisticated equipment in the world, we will reveal to you the information that will be used by you to perform a variety of activities to promote your business. Business information about competitors' intentions as well as information about suppliers and customers, various market weaknesses and shortcomings that can be filled, existing or new technologies in the world and more - constitute a honey bee for business intelligence managers worldwide. Through effective and professional business intelligence work it is possible to take the organization or company to new heights that it did not know before and specialize in the various fields.

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Bltz-Sec business background solutions​

Surveillance and Information

There are lots of reasons for inquiries to the Investigations Office to make follow-ups and observations. The main ones are: industrial espionage, theft, fraud, locating debtors' assets that disappear from the eyes of various creditors and other cases.  Surveillance involves total disguise in the field and tracing the actions of the person (object) followed by the private investigator without arousing his suspicion.  Many individuals who want to disclose information that is relevant. we are licensed investigations firm in Israel.

Facility Security Assessment

Facility Security Assessment [FSA] Fundamentally a risk analysis of all aspects of a facility operation According to international procedures. In order to determine which parts of it are more susceptible or more likely to be the subject to an attack. The Assessment include: Sea Ports, Air ports, Strategic government facilities, Private business places. The FSA is prepared by BLTZ-SEC   most professional Security Team with vast experience as risk analysts.

Cyber Security Survey

The cyber security survey prepared by BLTZ-SEC   most professional Cyber experts who familiar with the threats and the latest technologies that exist today. Our Cyber Security Professionals, with vast expertise in negating Cyber Warfare, Cyber Terror and Cyber Crime attacks. Our experts have been working for the past decade in government cyber security projects.​

BLTZ-SEC   Cyber Security solutions are tailored to the needs of Small Private Organizations As well as large organizations, especially large Financial and Government Organizations that deal with a high level of Cyber Threat.

Executive protection

BLTZ-SEC   team includes experts in the field of securing Private and government VIPs, with extensive experience in planning and implementing
security arrangements. This experience includes working around the globe where they cooperate fully with local law enforcement or military authorities as needed.

BLTZ-SEC   established by high rank veterans of Israeli defense force, security Agencies bringing years of collective experience.We provide a tailored solution for the customer needs based on worldwide knowledge and rich experience.

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